Tip #1

Don't ignore dash lights. This can lead to more damage in the long run.

Tip #2

Regular Tire rotation not only extends the life of your tires but gives us an opportunity to check your brakes thoroughly.

Tip #3

Staying on top of your regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent future problems and also
prolongs the vehicles life.

Tip # 4

Don't ignore your oil stickers. When your vehicle is due for an oil change get it in as soon as
you can. Changing your oil is the simplest and easiest way of prolonging your vehicles life.

Tip # 5

Always pay attention to new noises you might hear when driving your vehicle. Catching a problem
in its early stage can prevent more damage to the vehicle. So don't be afraid to bring it in and have us
take a look.

Tip # 6

Paying attention to the age of your battery can save you the headache of being stranded one day. A good rule of thumb is if your battery is six years old or older to have us test it or even replace it
as a good preventative.

Tip # 7

Before going on a long trip and even before you purchase a car it is a good idea to bring it in and
have us look the entire vehicle over. This will help us catch any problems that might affect you and your vehicle in the future.

Tip # 8

Most importantly don't ignore or neglect your vehicle no matter the age, new or old. Nobody wants those shocking repair bills out of the blue.